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  • Aubrey Beatty

Beautifully Unconventional

Elizabeth and Mike broke with tradition in many ways on their wedding day at Historic Baldwin Hall in Millersville, MD. The couple opted for a beautiful green stone instead of a traditional diamond ring. It was a dress casual daytime affair. Instead of a white dress, the bride wore a beautiful ivory and mint dress while the groom opted for khaki's and a melon button up shirt. They did a private first look together before being photographed with friends and family before the ceremony. This allowed them to go right into their reception and start celebrating with their guests immediately afterwards. Mike walked Elizabeth down the aisle. It was incredibly sweet! They had a savory pie buffet and sweet pie dessert buffet for their guests. Guests were raving about the pies which were from Dangerously Delicious. They even had a wedding pie instead of a cake! The day was relaxed, charming, and perfect for them.















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