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The Newest Superhero Couple

I absolutely love my job. It's especially exciting when it's the tail end of wedding season, and I get the opportunity to do something unconventional. The wedding I shot this past weekend had a Justice League theme. The moment the bride told me about it I began anticipating it almost as much as she was. The wedding took place at Greenrock Manor in Orange, VA. Every single guest came in a costume. The attention to detail throughout the ceremony and reception was pretty impressive. Check out the photos below to see a few highlights from the day.

Groomsmen gifts that they will want to use again!


These socks match the costumes worn by each individual groomsman.


The groomsmen had costumes on under those suits. There's Cyborg, Aquaman, Green Lantern, Superman, and Flash. The groom is the Joker. That's the officiant on the far right!


Catwoman bride! The black wedding gown was gorgeous and expertly paired with the gloves, ears, and mask!


Each table had different comic book art on display.


Comic book flowers and black lace. Simply perfect!


Even the cocktails were on theme at this wedding!


The groom and the officiant making their grand entrance.


Here comes the bride! Her son walked her down the aisle.


The groom surprised the bride by slipping this Joker mask on right before she entered the tent. It was funny and sweet because it was so 'them'.


The bridesmaids dresses all had different super hero emblems on them.


The city scape backdrop was perfect!



I love non-traditional rings. The grooms ring is a dirt bike tread!


That cake! There is so much to love about it. The green lantern actually lit up. There were also different colored lights running along the stairs connecting the cakes. And check out the Batman and Cat Woman topper!


“They were young. They were in love. They were heroes.” — Narration about Jean Grey and Cyclops in The Uncanny X-Men #137

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